would anyone can help me to solve this problme¬¬

i have to change the password in two system at the same time, one is web system which is designed by J2EE and the other is lotus notes.

i have written a vb program for changing the password in lotus notes, but i don't know how to use the javascript to call this vb.exe.

can anyone help me to solve this, really urgent¬¬

thank you so much¬¬

You can't technically "call"... Umm. I realized I have no way of intelligently answering your question.

This "vb program" you have, is it VB.NET? Is it ASP? Is it even a web application?

Listen, all a web browser can do, really, is submit a "Request" to a web server. The web server may or may not call a program (written in any number of web development languages) to process the Request and generate a Response. JavaScript doesn't alter that equation in the least. All it does is interact with the client document and browser. It can't "call" anything on the server.

Thank you for your reply,
Actually, the work that i want to do is change the password in both system, the web system and lotus notes.

do u have any suggestion on doing that except writing a program in vb.exe.

Thank you very much~~

Your VB app talks to the webserver via STDIN and STDOUT.

Google for VB STDIN to see some code on how to do this.

You also have to set up your Windows web server with the correct permissions to run your VB program.
I am assuming that you will be running this program from a webpage?