Hello Guys/Gals,

Can someone please help me with this PHP code problem. I just uploaded some new WP Themes and when I try to view or activate one of them I keep getting some error messages. I haven't changed anything in this code, all I did was copy & paste it in here. I am a total newbie at this, and was told that someone in here could help me, I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get until I get the hang of this stuff. Below please find what I copied from the files.

Parse error in \wp-content\themes\avatar_by_vee\functions.php on line 251

*//line-251//* vs(fgecbf($p,$y)==0){rpub \'Guvf gurzr vf eryrnfrq haqre perngvir pbzzbaf yvprapr, nyy yvaxf va gur sbbgre fubhyq erznva vagnpg\';qvr;}}purpx_sbbgre();'));?>

Parse error in \wp-content\themes\TNT_Dark_Green_Golden_Temptation\library\extensions\sidebar-extensions.php on line 190

*//line-190//* <div class="partner_lnks"><a href="http://www.ftmovie.com/">movies</a></div>

Parse error in \wp-content\themes\modern-wood\index.php on line 59
<?php else : ?>

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare __popular_posts() (previously declared in \wp-content\themes\Papatya\functions.php:521) in \wp-content\themes\Papatya\functions.php on line 762

*//line-521//* function __popular_posts($no_posts=6, $before="<li>", $after="</li>", $show_pass_post=false, $duration="") {

*//line-762//* }

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare __popular_posts() (previously declared in \wp-content\themes\Peacekeeper\functions.php:294) in \wp-content\themes\Peacekeeper\functions.php on line 535

*//294//* function __popular_posts($no_posts=6, $before="<li>", $after="</li>", $show_pass_post=false, $duration="") {

*//535//* }

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare __popular_posts() (previously declared in \wp-content\themes\photoblog\functions.php:325) in \wp-content\themes\photoblog\functions.php on line 566

*//line-325//* function __popular_posts($no_posts=6, $before="<li>", $after="</li>", $show_pass_post=false, $duration="") {

*//line-566//* }

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare __popular_posts() (previously declared in \wp-content\themes\vector-art\functions.php:226) in \wp-content\themes\vector-art\functions.php on line 467

*//line-226//* function __popular_posts($no_posts=6, $before="<li>", $after="</li>", $show_pass_post=false, $duration="") {

*//line-467//* }

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare __popular_posts() (previously declared in \wp-content\themes\ZigZag\functions.php:569) in \wp-content\themes\ZigZag\functions.php on line 810

*//line-569//* function __popular_posts($no_posts=6, $before="<li>", $after="</li>", $show_pass_post=false, $duration="") {

*//line-810//* }

I did not include the host and site name, but the code is direct from there perspective files as mentioned in the error messages.

I hope some one can help me on this, as I do like the themes and would like to use them.

Thanks in advance for any help with this problem.

Chow for Now,

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You shouldn't be getting errors such as this if your WP environment has been set up correctly and if you have downloaded working themes and installed them correctly. Without understanding what you have done to reach this point, it may be difficult to understand exactly what is causing the errors.

I think that you need to start with what is working. Do you have themes that came with WP that work OK? If the answer is yes, then your WP system /install seems to be working correctly so then you need to look at what is "wrong" with these Themes or the way you installed them. I think that you should carefully read the install instructions (and any limitations)to make sure that you followed them exactly. Some themes only work with certain versions of the system so you have to check that what you have tried to install is compatible with the level of WP that you are using.

If it looks as if you did everything ok and everything should be compatible but things aren't working (or if you have questions about the install process) then I think that you need to go to the site where you got the themes or the WP site and then post your problem there.

Thanks for the reply chrishea, but I figured out the problems. Apparently there were errors in the writing of the script. I found numerous extra "_" where there should have been only one, as well as spacing issues on the same scripts for the "}" symbol., and last but not least, references to files that did not exist, on my system anyway.

But, all in all, the problems have been solved and all themes are working now.

Chow for Now,

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