Hello....i want to create one table in aspx.net.I am using gridview in order to make the table. The things is I want to include the data row by row inside gridview using different sql statements...here I try to upload the template that I want as of my output.If anyone can help me in term of ideas, I'm really appreciate it...Thank.

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actually like this.I want to create table as above picture in aspx.The first column is the types of alerts and the rest is sum of the companies based on sector. all data will get from database.Every types of alerts has their own table in database.So, i need to call sql select statement for each alert. My question is after I call sql statement, how I need to include the data from sql statement in gridview.It is because I have a different select statement and need to add row for every statement..

It is clear for you guys??I'm really does not have any ideas for this...

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