Hi!! Evri1.

I gat a bit of a problem dat i need solved

i register at freehost site e.g x10. But whenever i try 2 upload a file 'tutorial.php' mi accunt gets blocked. Nd den a message is sent to me saying i ve broke their terms of service by uploading a proxy.
But i was tld, dat it is possible 2 rewrite d file 'tutorial.php' into anoda format 'tutorial.phtml' and dat it wuld still serve d same purpose nd it'll also go unnoticed by d site.

But hw do i do dis?, i ve no idea!!!

So if deres sum1 who can hlp out, i'll really appreciate it

p/s (am also willing 2 pay)

thnks a lot!!

change the extension from .php to .phtml ...

Apparently .phtml is just an alternative suffix for .php. You can just rename the file or copy it and change the suffix. The content remains the same. It may be that on your free hosting, they treat them differently. You can get good hosting for less than $100. per year so if you have few dollars to spend you'll be better off.

THNKS!! but wount renaming mk d file unreadeable? nd nt wrk lik its suppose 2


it wrked!!

it really wrked!!


hey! wats up yall?

gat anoda quick question 4 u all

hw can i encode a php script so as 2 go unnoticed?

This is a new topic. You should start a new thread.

i mean encrypt! can a php script be encrypted?