Hi Everyone,

I want to develop a tool in which I will input the following details
1.Total Area of your house roof.
1.Direction of the Roof of your house
2.Average Monthly Power Bill
3.Style of the Roof (wood shake, foam, rolled, spanish tile etc)
4.How steep is the Roof slope (flat, average, steep)
5.How much tree shading is there on your roof (none, light, heavy)

And from these details, it will calculate the Estimate of following details
1. Count of Total Solar panels to be used on a roof
2. Total Installation Cost (optional)
3. Average Monthly Bill After attaching Solar Panels

In a simple way, I am looking for a Solar Slides Calculator.
There is one best example of this is


Any Suggestions?

Thank You

1. Use the one that you have linked to above.
2. If you want to build your own, then sit down and work out the math and then write some code.
3. If you don't have the skills and knowledge for #2 go back to #1 or hire someone to do it for you.

Thanks Everyone,

I have done some research work on this yesterday after posting here & found these details,
My Application Flow will be like this :
1.Search for Location on Map using Address
2.Draw the lines on the roof using Google Map
3.Select the Roof face direction
4.Get average monthly bill from the user
5.Select Roof type (wood shake, foam, rolled, spanish tile etc)
6.Select Roof slope from 3 options (flat, average, steep)
7.Select tree shading on your roof from 3 options (none, light, heavy)
8.Generate a report with following information
- Count of Total Solar panels to be used on a roof
- Total Installation Cost
- Average Monthly Bill After installing Solar Panels

I have got the development idea upto step-7, as google map gives nice feature to map the area of the roof selected through polygon drawing tool. After that I have to give some average fixed values in roof style & slope. And these details ( roof area, style, slope, shading) will be used in final calculation at point 8.

Now the only thing I am looking for is the calculation formulas, I know it will be better to consult some solar or maths expert, but there are possibilities that someone has already made this kind of application, then they can help me out for this formula.

Thanks again.