hi i am new to PHP.

Currently i am using IIS for PHP .But i want Apache serevr to run PHP.is it possible? is there any servers available to work with PHP?

Pls reply..


Of course. Apache is full compatible with PHP. Install them in this order : Apache, PHP (do the settings), MySQL.

Later on, you may have problems while combining Apache and PHP. If so, have a look at the documentation supported with PHP.

Good luck!

Yes it is. Apache is the most compatible webserver with PHP.

Yes it is, and if you want you can install it easily by using this software which has apache, php and mysql.


Makes it alot easier I think. :cheesy:

I recommend XAMPP if you're a beginner.
It will install Apache Server, PERL, MYSQL, PHP, PHPAdmin and other software to aid you in development.

I would also recommend installing APACHE and MYSQL as a Service.
XAMPP will ask you about this during installation.

Check to see if it's right for you.

You can get it at : http://www.apachefriends.org/ :rolleyes:

Apache is native server for PHP. So it's better to use Apache insead of any other server. Also native platform for Apache and PHP is *nix...