Hi friends,

It’s hard to find a clear answer elsewhere- Is JavaScript needed for the client-side in asp.net websites or will C# work totally fine (even without the .net framework installed on the clients machine) ??

Is it better to still use some JavaScript in there?

(I'm a newbie, just learning C# right now)

Thanks for the help...

Nath :-)

Well, it is not about using JavaScript or server side to display a page, but it is about what you want and how concern in security.

Often time, JavaScript is used to validate form and values. If you want quick validation, JavaScript would be fine; however, you may still need to do the validation on the server side if you concern about security. Sometimes, JavaScript is used to display simple animation instead of using movie or animated gif. This can be accomplish with JavaScript easily and would not cause much traffic before loading.

There are many advantages and disadvantages in both. I would not pick one over the other for every situation. It is all depends on what I am going to do and the goal...