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I was hoping that someone might have some experience with less-powerful CMSs. I'm looking for an education industry-specific CMS that has integrated supported for course pages/scheduling; a student database for grades, classes, and the like; and, ideally, a setup for students in the States to register for classes before coming abroad.

I looked at Campusuite and Ektron400.NET, but both are out of the company's (ideal) price range and include some unnecessary features -- does anyone know of a lighter version?

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There is a open source option Hippo CMS, however it hasn't got specific features like Campusuite that directly targets education organizations. Another option is Blackboard that is specifically targeting education system and if I understand it correctly it should be free for schools( while I was studying at university we had it, but not everyone like it. Made they improved it over years)


I found myself using frogcms, when I was in the need of a small cms, which is easy to customize.

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