Hi everyone,
I have a project that need an API but still in progress.
But, I have a problem with this API authentication.

The authentication method I want to use is oAuth.
But, unfortunately I don't have any acknowledgement about authentication.
I've read many tutorial but I still don't know how to start because most of them explain about the client side authentication.

And what I need right now is complete example about oAuth implementation (server and client side) and how to deal with the database as well.

So, the main question is :
Does someone has any resources about this?

Thanks in advanced..

Sorry for my English..

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I have done a quick search and came up with the main OAuth page:


...and a Google page which should help you with some examples:


...hope these help with whatever you are working on ...and no worries about your bad English - it's no worse than that of many of the natives! :icon_mrgreen:

Thanks for your reply..

I have read the documentation of official oAuth website.
That's all about the concept how oAuth work.
And google api documentation explain almost the same thing with client side implementation.

But, how about server side implementation?
I need to know about how server manage the consumer request and send the response back.
does it just about catch the request as it's like normal $_GET request or it has another way to do it?


I am not an OAuth user, and cannot give you any advice on using it.

However, did you find these resources?



Looking at what little documentation I could find it looks as though you need to be experienced enough in using the things that OAuth depends on in order to have any real idea of how to use or implement it.

- You might want to start by putting something together with OpenSSL, - that, at least, will give you some idea of what you are doing with key pairs, signing keys, etc. - all the basic things that seem to be required by OAuth.

Yes, that's all the first article I read when I want to use oAuth.
I read it twice or third to understand about oAuth.
But, I really need real world example how use it since I'm new to this thing..

Does oAuth have a forum or something similar? - If it does, that would probably be the best place to ask for example material.

Unfortunately oAuth is not something I am familiar with, so I cannot help you any further with this.

Unfortunately both oauth official website and hueniverse don't have any forum or mailing list.
One thing that I can get is their google code repository example which is not detailed.

Don't feel guilty JBDLW..
I really appreciate your effort to help me..
It means so much to me.

I know that not all people know about this thing.
But if someone else have any resources or infos, I hope they can share here..

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