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I also want to see reply.
As in ASP.NET, in php there should be good debugging.I have tried many debugger but not successful at the end.
I am tired with echo and exit statement.

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Any ideas about this guys?


I work on PHP code with NetBeans and Xdebug. I use Xdebug for step-by-step debugging and the like.

I'm able to debug the flow of the default request, but not the flows generated by specific _get/_post or Ajax requests.

Anybody has an idea how can this be done?

When I run the debugger, a tab in my browser opened automatically with the following URL: http://localhost/?XDEBUG_SESSION_START=netbeans-xdebug

Thanks. Gidi



it goes this way:

At the projects tab (top left of the screen in my configuration), right click on the name of the project, and then properties => run configuration

There you have to fill 3 forms:
1. project url - the base url of the project on web, typically http://localhost
2. index file - use the browse button and go to the local copy of index.php or whatever file serves this role for you. This form should contain the path to this file in the local filesystem , not on the web
3. arguments - any arguments you wish to path to your script through the URL

This should give you the ability to choose a custom URL for debugging

A possible problem: in this process you may loose the synchronization between web addresses and the corresponding files in your system. Read here if you encounter issues of this nature
However this didn't work for me. I used server configuration to overcome this issue by redirecting URLs. This is a good source about this kind server configuration


All the above doesn't explain how to pass POST variables to your script while debugging (and I indeed don't know how to do it)

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