i m doing a project using asp.net vb..
i wanna make 1 pc as the server to keep all my database and codes, another pc use to access the web page that i hv created in the server pc..
but i do not know how to or what to write in the coding so that the web application can be access using another pc.
by the way, i m using the local host to test it..
anybody can help?

thanks for the reply, guru_sarkar.
i wanna to access the server from the second pc in the web browser.
i m thinking of getting the IP address and port number of PC 1, then access it from PC 2 in the web browser, the 2 PC will be linked with lan cable..i wanna do this using local host..
will this work?

i haven't tried but search for "setting up intranet website" or something similar.
Mainly you will have to do some iis settings on the server and then will be able to access it via browser.
But you won't be able to access it via PC outside of your intranet i.e. internet.

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