I am using ckeditor. when i work in localhost (in my pc) its working fine in formating and image upload.but when i work with it at server it formating and image upload is not working.

for ex. - if i formate font with some style and color and size its shows all effect front side on local but when i use same style same font and same color its not shows any formating or image on its front side.

for save that text i used mysql_real_escape_string() function i also tried mysql_escape_string() but both are working in local only not on server. :S

for image upload its path gose wrong into database so its not showing front side.

for ex.

local path - http://localhost/exo/uploads/24ysjdh.jpg

server path - http://mysite.in/%22/uploads/image/11/2qiz714.jpg/%22 (in this url %22 is making problem)

i dont know why the editor is working in local and not working in server. :S i faced this unique problem first time.

please help me out.

thanks in advance.

%22 is speech marks (") so it's possible that your WYSIWYG is adding them at the end of the filepath. Check the source code in the WYSIWYG to see if it is there, if not, try adding a backslash (\) at the end of the filepath which should escape anything such as the speech marks after the filepath. If the %22 is still there then that likely means there's a problem with the WYSIWYG trying to correct your code, even though it's correct.