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If you are a PHP, Zend or IBM fan, today Zend and IBM announce a major release for IBM i-Series Servers. Zend Technologies and IBM are working together to offer PHP solutions for IBM i customers. Today Zend announced Zend Server for IBM i, a Web Application Server for applications running on IBM i and Power System servers. (see attached or click on links below for more)

What’s New from Zend and IBM

Zend Server for IBM i – Runtime and Management Features
· Business-grade PHP – An up-to-date, fully tested, supported and documented PHP stack ensures high reliability and minimal risk.
· Rapid response to problems – Application monitoring and diagnostics enable early problem detection and quick root cause analysis.
· Optimal application performance – Built-in optimization, acceleration and job queue ensure high performance and low resource utilization.
· Leveraging the power of IBM i – A 5250 bridge and PHP toolkit make PHP applications easy to build and run on IBM i.

How Customers Benefit

Zend and IBM combine the power of IBM i with the ease and flexibility of Zend PHP to:
· Streamline web application development and deployment on IBM i.
· Minimize the risk and cost of modernizing applications by choosing PHP.
· Maximize investment in System i infrastructure.
· Leverage Zend PHP solutions for the full application development life cycle.

Read the full press release.

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