Well I have a lot of confusions about wordpress. And I unfortunately could not find a satisfactory answer to my questions. So expecting a detailed answer.

To what extent we can customize a wordpress website?
for what kind of projects we should use wordpress.
Can we create a database oriented website in wordpress?

For example I want to create a website that will probably have Home | Products| Contact Us pages. And there will be two tables categories table and actual products table (where each product belongs to a category). Admin will like to add/modify categories and products later.

Should I use wordpress or simple php/CodeIgniter for developing this kind of project?

Welcome asifsomy, well I'm not sure if I'm able to give you a detailed answer, but judging from my previous experience with Wordpress, I found it was quite limited and flat as a development platform. I've heard that alternatives such as Joomla and Drupal have far better project manipulation.

If you or your client are looking for a personal blogging site and you're not very 'code confident' then it's a good place to start. The main criticism I found was that I was limited to picking a pre-defined template for my site. Although this saved me time in designing and coding my own site, it also left me stuck in certain situations - unable to move that header or image to the location I wanted it. Again, implementing more advanced functionality such as a media player or a photo gallery may leave you constricted in terms of the site flexibility.

In summary the pros are:
- It's free
- It's easy to install
- Lots of pre-built add-ons, plug-ins and themes which can save you time

The cons:
- More suited to personal blogs than general websites.
- Below average Search engine optimisation
- Attracts spambots
- Very flat and limited to existing add-ons
- Frequent patching

I think you can have a database-driven site with wordpress, but you might want to look into this further. Here's a link which may help you decide for yourself:

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