Good mornin' y'all,

I'm looking to add a search engine to my site and was hoping for a recommendation on a free downloadable script based on the following criteria:

  • Yes, I would prefer something that I can implement on my own and then tweak compared to an engine that I don't have as much control over in the cloud. I tried the Google CSE for example and it didn't suit my liking.
  • PHP and MySQL based would be ideal as I'm a bit more familiar with these and plenty of documentation available.
  • Simple front-end where users can type in search term and a sample template for result styling
  • Full indexing would be great but if it was some kind of simple table where I even had to manually enter the two important keys relevant to a particular page (name and city), that'd be fine.
  • Auto-complete and "Did you mean ..." would be fantastic nice to haves ...

Look forward to any pointers you can give. Thanks in advance.


any other details i can provide? what's the good word?