I am writing a program about shopping center
Please give me some advice!

I don't have any idea what you're talking about, and that's likely one of your problems. What do you want to do, exactly? Write it all out, and then work on implementing your expectations.

I have a friend ,she specialized manufacture and sale folk decoration ,
I am constructing a website for her
this website include: online order system ;member manag system; release news ETC
I have writed out all the code,but I an fied with this code, want to improve
THE WEBSITE:http://www.jieyuyuan.com
who can give me some advice ?

Thanks PUckdropper !

I want to know the information about "online order manage system"
DO you clear about our meaning?

Do you mean something where you have a list of products in a database and when an user wants to order something it verfies it's instock and lets them order it?

I'm not sure how exactly I can help, except to give you a couple tips:
1) Verify the login status for EVERY page that requires elevated user status.
2) Don't use links for destructive actions.
3) Protect yourself against SQL query injection. Validate ALL user input, use addslashes( $string ) or mysql_real_escape_string( $string ) at the minimum.

Thanks a lot puckdropper
Your advice is very enlighten
Now I have one question
pls help me to solve the problem below is the code :
require ('dbconnect.php');
$now = date("Y-m-d");
$strsql="insert into xinwen(title,content,time) values('$title', '$content', '$now')";
mysql_query($strsql,$conn) or die ("error: ".mysql_error());
echo "alert('successful!')";
This error comes:
Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at D:\www\writenews.php:26) in D:\www\writenews.php on line 27

But when i delete "echo " alert('successful!')"; " ,It is no problem. why?
How to solve this problem??

Swap the echo and header lines.

HTML headers (session_start, header etc) cannot be sent after anything is output. This includes any HTML code you turned off the PHP script for (see example below.)

This works:



<h1>Example Page</h1>

This will not:

This works:

<h1>Example Page</h1>


(The above code is not guaranteed to be correct, or executable at any point. It is presented as an example.)

You're welcome. If you have any other questions, feel free to post them on the board!

HI puckdropper
my friend!
pls help me!
i want to have some code about upload images and stuff to databases
i write some code
when i test this code on my own computer,it is successful.
but when i upload this code to special PHP space it is unsuccessful
why? are you have the same functional code?

At the point, you really should start a new thread. You're asking a question totally different to the one that started this thread.

Make sure your config is the same on both your personal and public sites. Also, run a few SQL queries to make sure the data is where you think it is.

thanks a lot puckdropper

i am sorry! you are right!

i already have started a new thread.

i only want to ask you this question at here,
can i have your MSN or E-mail ? i need your help!

shaocpa, I see all you need is a site generator or store creator/builder. there are plenty of service providers around (including us). What the service would include, in general:
1. a web front (may and may not include domain name)
2. product pages
3. integrated payment gateways to a list of providers
4. shopping cart
5. back-office control panel which allow you to change product details and inventory level.

This is deffinately save you three months of work!