i don't know if this converter is created in javascript http://www.oanda.com/currency/converter/

i want to make like that but first i want to start on the combobox..
how to put a image in a option value in a combobox?

Making the converter can be done in JavaScript, like you showed on the link you added. I'il give you a head start on how to:

You have two text inputs, I already made the first for you:

The currency you have: <select id='have_cur_type' onchange='NewHaveCurType(this.value)'><option value='euro'>Euro</option><option value='dollar'>Dollar</option></select><br />
The amount you have: <input type='text' id='have_cur_amount' value='0' />
<br />
<br />
<input type='button' onclick='Convert()' value='Convert Currency' />

And then you have the javascript:

var have_cur_type = 'euro';
var need_cur_type = 'euro';

function NewHaveCurType(type) {
  have_cur_type = type;

function Convert() {
  var have_cur_amount = document.getElementById('have_cur_amount').value;
  // Also retrieve the other...
  // Now you need to calculate the ratio from one currency to the other, I would advise if you would first translate them all to one currency for example dollars and then translate those into the final currency the user wants



nice guide sir..how to put the answer to the currency i want amount textbox sir?