hi all,

before to start,i'm a newbie trying to learn wamp(=windows apache mysql php),i installed everything,everything works fine,but wehn i want to use phpmyadmin,it doesn't work,i see only a webpage with the list of all files and directories under the installation directory of phpmyadmin. how can i solve this??

and below i give u my configuration and installation paths:
-i use win xp pro sp2
-i installed 1) "apache_1.3.33-win32-x86-no_src.exe"
2) "mysql-4.1.10a-win32"
3) "php-5.0.3-Win32.zip"
4) "phpMyAdmin-2.6.1-pl3.zip"
-and istallation paths:
1) apache: C:\NEMO\Apache Group\Apache
2) php: C:\NEMO\php
3) mysql: C:\NEMO\MySQL\MySQL Server 4.1
4)phpmyadmin : C:\NEMO\Apache Group\Apache\htdocs\phpmyadmin

also i dowloaded and installed myodbc and i configured it for the mysql database that i want to use.
i made changements for php.ini,httpd.conf and php5apache.dll..

what i have to do for phpmyadmin to work???

thx to spend time to read my post..

and thnx from now on for any opinions/suggestions/ideas....

If the page does not load automatically you may need to add index.php to the DirectoryIndex directive in the apache conf file.

Find your http.conf file, probably in this directory:

C:\NEMO\Apache Group\Apache\conf

Open http.conf and do a text search for DirectoryIndex

The line should look something like this:

DirectoryIndex index.html index.html.var

edit it to look this way

DirectoryIndex index.html index.html.var index.php

Save http.conf and exit. Restart the apache server and see if phpMyAdmin works.

:):) thnx a lot to everybody who replied..

i simply added "index.php " at the end of the line "DirectoryIndex index.html index.html.var " in my "httpd.conf" file of apache and it works...

again 1000 times thnx...

and wish a good day to everybody..