I am wondering to implement this logic. Any suggestion or help

I have two iframes
1) iframe 1 is Navigation menu(loaded with flash menu).

<iframe name=”menu”/>

2) iframe 2 is load the web page.

<iframe name=”page_load”/>

When I click the navigation menu the corresponding web page loaded.

In one part, when I clicked the navigation “menu” the login_reg.php page open in page_load.

The login_reg page has two parts of form,
1) In one registration process is done

<form id=”registration”/>

2) In another login is done.

<form id=”login_form”/>

When I submit the login page, it check the login and password exists and if it success.

The following should handled,

My logic:
1) The new page loaded in “page_load” iframe and also it reload the “menu” iframe by using the src attribute. I implemented by using the jquery. But It not work,

<script type="text/javascript">


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First off, you need to post your questions in the correct forum. This is purely Javascript not PHP, because your asking a question that has no PHP in it.
Secondly, what you need to have in your parent page is a function that will control the iframe sources.

function load_left(url) {
    document.getElementById("menu").src = url;

In the "login_reg" page that gets loaded in the "page_load" iframe, you need to impliment this with the jquery, so when you click submit it calles the function on the parent frame and loades the "menu" iframe with the desired page.

$("#login_form").submit(function() {

hello fobos,
Sorry for posting in wrong forum.But I got answer from you.Thanks a lot.

With regards,

Eswaran Saravanan,
University west,

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