Hello !

I m an engg. final year student and have been preparing for my final project. I have selected a topic to develop a web OS (Online Desktop) using HTML,JS,PHP.

I require ur suggation whether my topic is good.Help me with some suggation and any tutorial or source code (if any related).

the feature i m planning to include r:
* text editer
* media player
* e mail client
* a game
* paint (if possible)

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hay guys!

i m realy looking forward to some answer on this topic. please give it a look and suggest anything to me

This is a pretty complex thing you're trying to pull off if you're planning on using all custom code. What I would do is create the OS and then use 3rd party (and open-source) code to include the features. The reason is just that building your own features (such as the e-mail client) from the ground up may serve to be a bit complicated, especially in addition to the work you'll need to do to make the OS.

So, make it easy on yourself. Make the OS, and then integrate the features (more like a regular OS anyway). My suggestions for the 3rd-party features:

-Text Editor: TinyMCE
-Media Player: JW Player
-Email Client: JMailbox, Roundcube, or SquirrelMail
-Game: Just embed the SWFs for some existing flash games
-Paint: PaintWeb (this also has the ability to integrate into TinyMCE)

(Just google these, and they should give you some ideas). I have used most of these- they're not too difficult to integrate into a site.

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How about forget it? You're going to produce an OS?! I think you mean a website? How much time have you got to do this? You could do this yourself in 2 hours by using 3rd party apps, such as CKEditor, Flowplayer, Roundcube, any embeddable flash nonsense, iframe allmymagic drawing. Doing it properly will probably take 7 years for one person.


sorry tsk: simultaneous post

hey diafol , it is not 7 years task.. i am 15 year old and now building a webOS. and it looks great and about to complete..

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Good for you :)

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