How to transfer files from one server to another in php?
Any ideas?

no i cant make connection through ftp.
Actually i am writing a plugin which will search the themes from another server and when user activate the themes it will fetch all the files from there and copy the files.
Any idea how can i achive that?

you can fetch HTML view source of that files.
I am not sure what u exactly want,
Do you want to grab theme?
Are that theme provider sites providing facility to use their themes?

Yes exactly i want to grab the themes. yes theme provider will provide themes
what i want to achieve is that
Client will have library of word press themes called wps themes on his server.

I need to create a plugin in wordpress which when install
1)- The plugin will search for a wps themes, if does not find any wps theme installed on the user site , it will search and display all wps themes from the theme provider server that are available .
2)- When user activates the themes the particular files will copied from theme provider server to user site.

I hope that make sense.


If you are privileged user to fetch themes,provider should give you ftp access details.
From php ftp functions you can download themes from them and use it in your website.
Is it works?