Hello Friends,

I am Rakesh,

iam facing a problem regarding HTML in PHP page

iam pasting the link of error can any one please tell the solution.


iam unable to understand why its comming

so please tell the solution

Thanks in Advance

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You need to post your code

Are you trying to validate your webpage ? If so, what tool are you using, because it is not obvious from the screenshot (not to me anyway).

Thanks for the reply friends

but iam using this in the start of line in the php page and the code is working perfectly , but in the backend (means in the error console) it is showing as the error.

my client does not require that.

thanks once again.

What is showing in the screenschot ? Which error console is that ?

its an firebug error console and in that it showing as the syntax error.

can u please check that line

in only one line it is showing as error

Which page shows this error ?

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Arghhhh. Show us the code!!

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> roam4less.com
(only which page remains unknown.)

Yeah, well the php will still be invisible, even if he gives the url.