For my project I am sending the HTML value from one text editor. For that I had set the character set to UTF-8. Here I am sending value through URL. In the text editor I am Providing the facility of changing the color of text.

Now when I change the color of text then on the servlet page where I had to get those values and to store it on database, am not able to get the entire value from URL. I am just getting the value before '#' symbol.

I am sending following HTML value from URL.

<p>Add Your Text<font class="Apple-style-span" color="#FFCC33"> Here.</font></p>

and while getting this value on servlet I got URL:


And when I display the value of 'text' variable then it shows:

<p>Add Your Text<font class="Apple-style-span" color="

Here U can see that in URL of servlet that I am not able to get the value after symbol "#".

What's the Solution of this??

Please Reply fast...

simple solution to this problem is use ajax for updating your page.
send your html code on some event.It will definitely works.


I am sending the HTML values on click event via javascript though it creates problem.....

Thanks all for your valuable suggestions I had tried URLEncoding but still it was causing problem in safari browser where it was working perfectly with mozila.
So I find another way that now I am sending the value through hidden variable to servlet and now it is working perfectly.

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