Hi daniweb, i'm developing an admin tool which has form.This form involves more database interaction.
When form is filled and clicked on submit button all the values from form fields stores into database in main table.
I'm retrieving all the values from database and displaying as a table in another page.
So what i want to do is after submitting when i want to edit any record in database table i want to just click on that record which is being displayed on another page in a table,so that all the fields in the form should populate with the values regaurding to that record in the database.If this idea works i can easily edit the records.Can any one please help me with this.It's really very urgent..
Thank's in advance.

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It's really very urgent..

If you're looking for a free lunch, maybe some sap on this site will help you - the forum guidelines state you should show some effort yourself. I sure that you have, so just post what you have so far.

The urgency thing - are you creating something for a client / late with an assignment? Is it life or death?