I am loading a page to change passwords within an iframe. Outside the iframe it does work well, but when I change the password from within the iframe it returns a blank page. How can I rectify the problem?

<div class="tabber">

     <div class="tabbertab">
	  		<iframe src="eguard.php" width="100%" height="400">

And if you can help me auto resize(height) the iframe also. ;)

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Why are you using an iframe. Can't you just use an include file? This login form is yours right?

If external: you could 'spoof' the form and send it as a native. However, this falls apart when the external form owner decides to change things.

The login form is mine.
It is used to login in to level 2 of the website. And this is done from the homepage. So I thought it's better done in an iframe in the homepage.

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OK Brian, could I suggest that you use an include file for this? There really is no need to use iframes these days - well for 99% of uses anyway. That's how I'd do it anyway.



<form ...>
...your form...


...first bits of the page...
if(isset($_SESSION['login']) && $_SESSION['loginlevel'] < 2){
...rest of the page...

I think this is pretty standard stuff.