I'm kind of new to the PHP-scene and I'm having difficulties with my first php-site

the situation:
I'm making a website were people view newsitems,
these newsitems are stored in a database ("postgresql")
every newsitem is stored in a category.

i would like to create a list of every category item in my database, so far my code looks like this:

include "connectie_db.php";
function showcategorie(){
	include "connectie_db.php";
	echo '<aside id="sidebar1">';
	echo "<h3>Categorie</h3>";
	echo "<ul>";
	for ( $counter = 1; $counter <= 10; $counter += 1) {
	$ZoekNaam = "Select cat_name from tovanu.categories where cat_id = '$counter'";
	$res = $db->query($ZoekNaam);
					echo "code: ".$res->getUserInfo();

	$row = $res->fetchRow();
	echo "<li><a href='#'>$row[0]</a></li>";
	echo '</ul>';
	echo '</aside>';

problem number 1:

for ( $counter = 1; $counter <= 10; $counter += 1)

how can i make a for or a while loop so i can show al my categorie items?

problem number 2:

"<li><a href='#'>$row[0]</a></li>"

how can i make a the link, so i can view the newsitems within that category?
( something within the link, ? or something like that)
please explain your thoughts

any help would be appreciated!

You are currently executing 10 queries (one in every iteration). Instead, do NOT use a for construct and instead execute ONE query. IF you want ALL the records, do NOT use a WHERE clause - simply execute: Select cat_id, cat_name from tovanu.categories If you want only the records with categories 1 through 10 then use: Select cat_id, cat_name from tovanu.categories WHERE (cat_id>=1 AND cat_id<=10) then to process the results:

while($row = $db->fetchRow(MDB2_FETCHMODE_ASSOC)){
  echo '<li><a href="viewer.php?id=' . $row['cat_id'] . '">'.$row['cat_name'].'</a></li>';

These might help you as well:

Glad to help.


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