I am currently deciding in which technology should I put more time in and learn . I have been working with drupal and wordpress since 4 months and I like the platforms.

As for the browser side work I am a bit confused whether I should put more time in

google web toolkit + drupal / word press


jquery + drupal / wordress

Thank you in advance for sharing your views,

I've not yet looked into GWT very deeply but the following statement is revealing:

The GWT SDK provides a set of core Java APIs and Widgets. These allow you to write AJAX applications in Java and then compile the source to highly optimized JavaScript that runs across all browsers, including mobile browsers for Android and the iPhone.

If you already know Java, then you may find some merit in GWT but for me this leaves GWT pretty well dead in the water. I have done enough Java to know that I hate it with a passion. Java programmers (including several very good friends) will, of course, see things very differently.

For noobs, there seems little point in leaning Java (an awkward, strongly-typed laguage) just to write JavaScript (a much easier loosely-typed language), which you will in all probability need to write/modify anyway. Why learn two languages, when you can learn just one.

Meanwhile, jQuery IS JavaScript - it is written in JavaScript, has a JavaScript interface, and its plugins are written in JavaScript. One language.

With both products, you will ultimately end up needing to write at least some JavaScript, even with GWT which purports to write it for you.

So first and foremost, learn JavaScript. Where you go after that will depend on the extent to which you already know Java.


The reason I am about to bite the Java bullet and explore GWT :

When you're ready to deploy, GWT compiles your Java source code into optimized, stand-alone JavaScript files that automatically run on all major browsers, as well as mobile browsers for Android and the iPhone.

The last bit - Android and the iPhone - that's very attractive. I am in hope that it will be less effort to brush up my Java than to learn the idiosyncrasies of these new platforms.


I think so I will stick with jquery and javascript . thank you for sharing ur view.

choise is easy, Wordpress has Jquery adapted and the webtool kit is qiuet new isn't it? On the other hand, with the toolkit it will be easier to build your apps for android tablets and such.