Hi, hoping this is quite a simple one. Just wondering how I can use one page template but call up the data from the database relevant to what the user has clicked to view such as 'About us', etc. Would be good if I could let the client create their own pages and that page link automatically appears in the left-nav.

Tried looking around on the web but can't seem to find a great deal. Would be good to be able choose the URLS such as ...com/about-us

Any pointers appreciated.

A big fan of Wordpress here, and my enthousiasm keeps growing every time i get more into it. Not a big learning curve and a great platform to build as a CMS. When you build this for a client, i recommend you to minimize their admin interface. Also make use of Custom post types.

Just google "Wordpress as cms" and you will get tons of information since Wordpress is widely adopted.

Hi there, yes I have heard good things and believe many are in strong favor of this method. I however, would like to create my own CMS system, mainly as a challenge and to further discover and learn more about PHP. I seem to be picking it up well.

What I'm mainly wanting to do is have a template page that can have various URLS and data dragged up from the database and placed in the page. Rather like articles.