Hi all,
i'm doing a searching page, where results will be shown and there will be a check box for each row on left (similar to yahoo and gmail) all results together work as a form however each row can be controlled individually which means another form inside the main form.

i'm stuck here, how can i solve this please.
basically i only need to know which checkbox is checked from my main form, i have no problem in the sub forms

anyway that could solve this problem for me will be greatly appreciated


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You can't have a nested form (and I don't know what you mean by a sub-form or what you plan to do with it) but if your objective is to know which check boxes have been checked, then the name assigned to each checkbox should have a consistent part and an index number. as an example:

<form ... >
<input type=checkbox name=selectme1 value=1>
<input type=checkbox name=selectme2 value=2>
<input type=submit name=submit value=submit>

In the module that processes the form, you could just process each one individually or you can do it in a loop:

while ($_POST[selectme$i] <> "") {

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