hi guys!!

been thinking about learning some server-side scripting in ASP. is there any use in

investing in asp when with the emergence of asp.net? to paraphrase it what is the future of asp at microsoft, will it be there a little bit longer or is a dying horse!!

one more thing, whAT IS THE GENERAL COMPATIBILITY of asp with current technologies lyk windows 7 and ISS 7.

thanks pals.

Classic ASP is basically VB6 which is still used in a lot of Microsoft components. VB6 runs fine on all Windows platforms because it was and still is the basis of Windows.

ASP.Net can make more powerful applications in a shorter time but there is little that cannot be done using Classic ASP.

But one major difference is that Classic ASP code is much more accessible. For example today myself and a team member were were working on a project; he was creating a desktop executable and I was creating the server side management for the output, and we had almost completed the project except for one tiny error... he was submitting a "1" whereas the server side scripts were expecting "True". So I changed my code to correct the error and complete the project in less than a minute. If I had been using ASP.Net this task would have taken much longer because a DLL would need recompiling and then uploaded to the server, and with the server in a data center and FTP not allowed (our rules because it exposes a hole) that would have been an even bigger chore.

It's not what you use, but how you use it, and it may come down to what you want to use it for. If you want to sell web applications then use ASP.Net because you can compile code and protect it in a DLL. With Classic ASP you cannot protect your source code. But for internal projects that are ongoing you cannot beat Classic ASP... its too logical :-)

hi thanks man u so detailed in there. that was surely helpful

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