Hey guys,

I'm kind off new to PHP, and I'm trying to resolve this problem.
I have a form where users can register their attendance for an event.

If the person himself can not come, he has to register a replacement.

So when the person clicks the radiobutton 'No, but i'm sending a replacement' two extra fields display
via jQuery. When he doesn't enter a value for this field, and he clicks next, he get a page that says; 'please fill out al fields'.

The problem is that the two extra boxes for the replacement are set to 'display:none' via CSS.
So when the user goes back after getting the error-message, the radiobutton 'No, but i'm sending a replacement' is still checked, but the two inputboxes are invisible (because of the default display:none).

Is there a way to keep visibility on when clicking back afert the error-message?


Try with visibility:visible; in your css... It will work.. if still probs, pls let me know...

I think you misunderstand my question. By default, the two extra boxes are hidden in CSS.
When you click the radiobutton for the replacement, they appear via jQuery. When the user clicks 'confirm', but when no data was entered, he gets an errorpage. If he then clicks the backbutton in the browser, the replacement radiobutton is still checked, but the boxes have dissapeared, because of the default css..