I have a slight problem, because I have little experience and wisdom in the art of PHP I need someone to help me who does have knowledge of such.

My problem is this:
I am wanting to create another website, however, the website I want to create needs to be PHP/Database based due to the fact that I want people to be able to create accounts and post products they want to sell for other people to buy online, I do know somewhat of creating the system for accounts, however, it would be nice if someone were to help me with my problem instead.

Much appreciated.

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I can help, but I'm not doing all your work for you!

Do some coding, then post a more specific question that we can actually help you with.

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So what exactly are you asking?

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If you're starting out with PHP, I would suggest going to and to get the basics.

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I can help, but I'm not doing all your work for you!

Do some coding, then post a more specific question that we can actually help you with.

That's the problem.
I have never used PHP before and what I know of MySQL and DBs isn't much use without the knowledge of PHP.

So what exactly are you asking?

Since I do not have any knowledge of PHP, and little of MySQL and I'm looking to create a website using these two langauges, aswell as DBs, I need someone to help me to do so.
Remember, it will need to have user-created accounts and a system that allows people to post products online that other people can buy, much like Ebay.

I don't see a question :O

I suggest you start small, rather than jump in the deep end. First download and install apache web sever, mysql + php. Or download XAMPP - it is an easy install and will give you all the software you need to start developing on your local machine.

Then create a small database table and connect to it using PHP, then try pulling and pushing data in/out of it. There is mounds of information online on how to do this.

I'm not interesting in wasting my time learning something that'll be forgotten within a millionth of a second.

I have never 'learnt' anything to do with programming or scripting before and am not going to start with PHP. I simply would like the rescources to be able to do this, if that means everything is pre-made, then that means it is so.

Before intertrolls start commenting, I AM LAZY, yes, that's correct, but just because I do not 'learn' any langauge, from some shitty guide or something does not mean I cannot programme at all, I simply just need the rescources.



commented: His question had nothing to do with learning. He wants someone to hand him a solution on a platter. +0

So, you're willing to pay for it then?

but you would still have to tell us or post some code for us to help you with
there are diffrent ways to make a login then theres diffrent ways to login with a cookie with a session but here take a look at this
theres a few things missing you need a db connect function and then you need a encrypt function so that should get you on your way but the rest is up to you

 $pass = encrypt($pass);

// check to see if form has data if not empty do something and check to see if user exsisit
if ($name) {

$query = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE (`un` = '".$name."' AND `up` = '".$pass."') LIMIT 1"; 
 $result = mysql_query($query) or die(mysql_error());
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_BOTH)){
$name = $row['name'];
$email = $row['email];
// if user is in db make cookie
	$_SESSION["count"] = $count;
	$_SESSION["username"] = $name;
	$_SESSION["email"] = $email;


Read my posts.

Haz425, this site is to help people, not do their work for them. If you don't want to spend time learning how to do it and expect one of us to just write the code for you then you would be expected to pay whoever does that as it takes time and resources.

I agree with borzoi.

If you are lazy, then it is impossible for you to learn PHP and MySQL. PHP is not an easy programming language specially to the lazy person like you. Try to help your self first... You can search over the internet to have basic knowledge in PHP.

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