here's a little test I want to do:

in the main html I simply want a text input, and a submit button...
when I type something in the input and click 'submit',
it calls a function that generates an html with:

<head><title>JS Generated HTML</title></head>

//(text in input)


does anyone know of a way to write a function that can do that?? :/

if-else, I may be able to do it using Py instead of JS
but I want to try it in JS first...

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I'm working on the Py method right now, which I do believe should work...
the only prob is if my server supports it or not...

that IDK

so I want JS if anyone can recall anything...

also, don't suggest PHP as I can't seem to get that to work :/
(I'm a newb at it)

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here is a thread where I used that idea to create a table using javascript


look up "document.createElement" on www.w3schools.com - and google as well. It helps explain the syntax much better.

well first off that doesn't do what I need...
(I need to create an html file by clicking 'submit')

but anyways...
that wouldn't have worked for what I needed to do :/
I have a new idea, but I'm not sure how to do it...

I guess I can say I want to use "plugins"

the main html will contain a table and a div...
it will read all the html files in each subdirectory, and execute them as plugins...

these "plugins" will only contain a few vars containing specific info such as names and comments.

the main html will create dynamic html for each "plugin" (such as span tags) and insert it into the div...
(the div will scroll L to R to show the data in the seperate spans)

I just now need to know how to write a script that can read the vars from the seperate files...
can anyone help with that??

btw, I wanted to post that last night, but didn't get to as my net got cut...
(don't have direct net connection (mother issues))

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