I use Ruby with Sinatra in my application and I need to store a big data (exceeding 4K) in my session or somewhere secude on the server because I do some API calls and I refer to that data very often and that's why I need it stored.
The problem is Sinatra dropped my session content because of exceeding 4K data:

[B]Warning! Rack::Session::Cookie data size exceeds 4K. Content dropped.[/B]

I don't know what to do:

- is there a way of enlarging the maximum capacity of session cookie? although I don't want to get huge cookies.
- is there another way of keeping the data fast and secure maybe on THE SERVER instead of cookie-based session? (sqlite? how?)

I hope I have beed clear on my post. Thanks for reading, I would really apreciate any help... it is very critical to me.

Got it finally:
Do not write:

enable :sessions


use Rack::Session::Pool



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