anybody know if there is a DLL available for Image Magick that I can put in the /ext directory and use Image Magick without having to install the Image Magick software?


What version of PHP are you running, is it VC6 or VC9 compiled and is it Thread Safe (TS) or Not Thread Safe (NTS)?

You can find this information by displaying phpinfo() and looking for the lines Zend Extension Build & PHP Extension Build

PHP Version 5.3.2

System Windows NT HOME-PC 6.1 build 7600 ((null)) i586
Build Date Mar 3 2010 19:38:00
Compiler MSVC6 (Visual C++ 6.0)

Zend Extension Build API220090626,TS,VC6
PHP Extension Build API20090626,TS,VC6


Thats not much help!

I did specify use Image Magick without installing it!

thanks for help anyway.

You CANT use Image Magick without installing it. The extension DLL depends on the Image Magick dll(s) existing.

well it is open source maybe someone, somewhere, some day will turn it into a single DLL file or something that can be used with any program....

fingers crossed!