%01 Error:

Method Not Implemented

GET to "..." not supported.

I use this code to create a Cookie containing the Users Username:

$value =$_POST[user];

setcookie("Login_Name", $value, time()+3600);

Then I get the above error on all pages of my site, untill the cookie expires in 30 mins.

A quick scan on google says my hosts need to enable a ModSecurity exception?

I have no idea what that means sorry. Is my code OK?

I then use this code to alternate between a login/account link depending on if the cookie is existent.

if (isset($_COOKIE['Login_Name']))     
        echo 'Account Code';
        echo 'Login Code';

Thanks for any help in advance!

Your code looks fine...

time()+3600 = 1 hour, not 30 mins...

I don't *think* you need to enable some ModSecurity thingy, although I haven't heard of it before...

You should have a look at this site for more information on a HTTP 501 Error: http://mwolk.com/blog/501-error/

Also, I personally think you should use $_POST; instead of $_POST[user]; - although, I would be very surprised if this was the problem.

Hope I gave you some useful information,
Kieran :)