Hi, I am developing a dynamic website and i want to highlight the current page but i'm having some trouble in applying the styles to the links. Here is what i've got so far:

function checkPage($fPage)
  $fCurrent = $_GET['title'];
  if($fPage = $fCurrent)
     $fStyle = 'class="activelink"';
     return $fstyle;

//Navigation Code

<?php do { ?>       
        <div class="nav"><a <?php checkpage($row_nav_links['page_title'])?> href="index2.php?page=<?php echo $row_nav_links['id']; ?>&title=<?php echo $row_nav_links['page_title']; ?>"><?php echo $row_nav_links['link_text']; ?></a></div>
        <?php } while ($row_nav_links = mysql_fetch_assoc($nav_links)); ?>

i got the code from a website and i'm obviously missing something but i'm new to php and cant find out why. I was also going to add an else statement to the function as i also need to apply an inactivelink class to the remaining links.

Any help is appreciated.

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What do you want to do?
What is your level of programming?

I was trying to highlight the link for the current page by applying an activelink class to current page link and inactive for the rest.

The way i think it should work is by calling the function when each link is created which would check the current row_page_title against the url variable "title" and if they match add class="activelink" to the matched link and class="inactivelink" to the remaining links.

I am new to php so i'm not sure if its a syntax error or just a flaw in the way it works but as i said i'm using code from a post on a different website and trying to adapt it to fit my needs.

If there is a better solution feel free to change it though

how do you know the active page?

I check the active page by comparing the url variable TITLE to the page title from my database. I am going to switch this to the page ID although i dont think that should affect the rest of the code so if i can just get that working.

I have found another solution and its finally working!!

<?php do { 

$navList= ''; //this declares a compound variable for posting content to the html page

    $pageid= $row_nav_links['id'];
	$title= $row_nav_links['page_title'];
	$link_text= $row_nav_links["link_text"];
    if($pageid == $_GET['page']){
    $navList.= '<div class="nav"><a href="index3.php?page=' . $pageid . '&title='. $title.'"'. $active .'>'. $link_text .'</a></div>';
	echo $navList;

 } while ($row_nav_links = mysql_fetch_assoc($nav_links)); ?>

then i just created a couple of css classes for the active and inactive state

a.inactivelink {
	colour: #fff;
	color: #000;
a.activelink {
	colour: #ddd;
	color: #FFF;
	text-decoration: none;

Thanks for trying to help though.

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