We had a website deployed on IIS server remotely say www.liveserver.com.

We recently decided to make a copy of the website internal to the organisation so we brought a server and copied all the code from live server and configured it and say it is http//archives-testserver.com

Everything seems to work fine but while navigating and clicking on certain module links within http//archives-testserver.com......the domain name is getting rewritten to www.liveserver.com and user is made to navigate on the live site. I wonder where this configuration is with in IIS...

I looked under properties under website identification and everything is referring it as http://arhives-testserver.com. also thr is a file called securityRedirect.inc and ifor handling errors and all the references have been changed and couldn't find anything in web.config.

I would really appreciate if anyone can guide in right direction, where else to look for probable reference to live site?

Let's say that you are browsing "aboutUs.asp" AND that it contains one of those problematic links. Look at the browser's source code. Does the link in question have href="http://liveserver.com" ?if so, it is not a server configuration problem. Otherwise, also look for <base href="http://liveserver.com"> . if you find it then it is not a server configuration problem, in which case you wil need to make the needed changes within your scripts

thanks for your response.

I have looked at the source code and its a href link as below

<"lnkReportsModule" class="LabelLeft" href="javascript:__doPostBack('lnkReportsModule','')" style="color:Black;"> Reports Module</a></td>.

Its a postback call and makes me think its some kind of ajax call?? all the other links on the page with same kind of postback calls are working fine.

do you have any idea how these postback scripts work?

thanks for your help again.


See if you can locate a Page_Load() function on your server-side code and see if it is the one doing the redirection.

Otherwise look for a browser-side __doPostBack() javascript function