Hi All,
I have specific requirement in asp.net project.
I have datagrid, in that in have one dotnet list control which stores the items.And it is multiselect. Onclicking >> button i want to move selected items from dotnetListControl to HTML Select(listbox) control.
In DataGrid:
DotnetListBOX Control(i multiselect few items then)---> >>(Click on the button) ----> add to new listbox(Html Select)

I tried with ItemDataBound but still i could not able to get it.
(Problem: When Datagrid is rendered, i am not able to get unique id for HTML select control).

Kindly let me know if any other good idea ...

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Not sure if this is what you are attempting to do.


Datagrid has a 2 listbox controls. When clicking >> button, click event should move selected items from listbox1 to listbox2


'Code within >> button click event
For Each gridItem As DataGridItem In DataGrid1.Items
     Dim list1 As ListBox = CType(gridItem.FindControl("List1"), ListBox)
     Dim list2 As ListBox = CType(gridItem.FindControl("List2"), ListBox)

     For Each item As ListItem In list1.Items
          If item.Selected Then
          End If

Even >> button is in the same grid.
If there are 5 rows in a grid, then
listbox1 >> buttons Listbox2
listbox1 >> buttons Listbox2
listbox1 >> buttons Listbox2
listbox1 >> buttons Listbox2
listbox1 >> buttons Listbox2
will appear.The IDs for all these control after rendering is different like dgGrid_ctl2:listbox1
dgGrid_ctl3:listbox1 etc ...
Similarly for >> button and listbox 2.

Still i could not able to fix this error.
Kindly provide some more details.

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I mean to say:
I dont want to refresh page everytime i click the image button.
I need to add this from server.
Like writeing javascript in class file.


<!-- Code in ASPX DataGrid -->
    <input type="button" value="Move" onclick="javascript:SwapList('<%# (Container.ItemIndex + 1) %>');">
//Javascript Code: 
//function should take an input of the current index
function SwapLists(idx) {

    var inpt = document.frmProdDetail.getElementsByTagName("input");
    var list1, list2;
    for (var i = 0; i < inpt.length; i++)
        if (inpt[i].id.match('ctl' + idx + '_MyAspxListBox1') != null) {
            list1 = inpt[i];                 
        } else if (inpt[i].id.match('ctl' + idx + '_MyAspxListBox2') != null) {
            list2 = inpt[i];

    //Write your javascript to transfer selected items from list1 to list2