hi Guys,
I have problem in populating dropdown list from mysql database. im using html,javascript,and mysql. im not using php.
i would like to know, how to populate dropdown list with values from mysql database...
Also, it would be better , if you tell me how to send values in a dropdown list to another html page.

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the only way you are going to be able to use mysql with dynamic coding is by using server side code. HTML and javascript will not get what you want. You will have to use ASP, Coldfusion, PHP.. etc to achieve the results that you want. Now if you want to send a drop down box using onChange event, just use

function change() {
    select1 = document.getElementById("combo_box").value;
    location.href = 'www.something.com/' + select1;

Sorry if the code is a little crude, but its just to give you an idea.


Please specify in detail.. i dont have any idea in this section. You may please kindly refer me to a site giving the details regarding it.. i will refer it/// hope to see ur reply.

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