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I'm writing a PHP script to upload the whole folder from the user's local machine , the problem i have mange to do something but i notice in fact that php only upload the entire local folder from the web server not the user's machine .
After searching i realized that PHP is impossible to do something with user's machine , so i tried javascript but i failed !

my question is there any solution for this problem so the user will choose the folder to upload after that pass it the to php uploader ? And how the handle user's local folder to upload in FTP in PHP script after the user select the folder ?

For this i know the security risk for the user , but unfortunately is part of the requirements ....

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There may be some things you could do with Activex but that would only work in IE. You could do this using a local program (triggered indirectly by the web program) but the user would have to be prepared to download and run that program (or it would need to be installed in advance). That would only work consistently with a closed user group (e.g. employees of the company implementing the solution). If this is going to be used by the public, then there would be a trust issue and that means that many users wouldn't complete the process.