Hi everyone...

I am creating a website like file drop box.... In that whenever a user registers, a directory is created for that user. I want to create a php script to set permissions on files, so that when a user wants he can share his file with other users on the site(only the file he shared but not entire directory) ...

I need your suggestions. Please help.Thanks in advance

The php commands to do it all exist, you just need to put together a bit of code.

* Create a directory: mkdir
* Set file permission: chmod

I think that you will need to set a default permission on files that prevents access by other users and change it to allow access by others on an exception basis when the user wants to allow it. If you want to limit that access just to registered users, then you might have to have a group and provide access to the file to the group.

You can see info (pertinent to Linux) here. If you are on a windows server then it will probably be somewhat different.