Hello To All,

Its very very urgent...
I want a page in which the daily news should come(IN HINDI) and there are two conditions:

1. On the first page there must be only the headings and a brief introduction about each news(ALL IN HINDI).

2. Secondly, on clicking on the links(which are in Hindi), the page redirects to the corresponding page which contains the whole news.

Please tell me the best and quickest way because it is a matter of great urgency.

Thank you all and May God bless you all.

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Thanks very much adatapost, its working for now but a new problem has arisen that I want to retrieve the news and their corresponding headlines from a database and my question is that how can I make such a page in which the links of headlines (in Hindi) open their corresponding news(in Hindi) ?

Please give some source codes as it is a matter of urgency else I would not have asked for the full source codes.Please do something to help me.

Thank you very much(in advance)


Please help me someone its really urgent...

Thank you very much(in advance)


>Please help me someone its really urgent...

Demanding immediate response is considered a very rude comment. :sad: Post your code here and someone will help you.

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Sorry adatapost for being so rude but unfortunately I have a very short span of time left and I have no idea how to do this all.

Hope you understand and please help me also.

Thanks in advance.


Thank you adatapost many times you've helped me but I don't know how to thank you...You simply rock and there's no match of you over Daniweb...Thanks again :)

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