Here is the json show:

  "results": [
      "title": "Conflicting Reports on Iran\u2019s Arrest of a Foreign Woman",
          "caption": "Moktada al-Sadr spoke to thousands of supporters on Saturday, stating conditional support for the Iraqi government."

I tried this code, but I can not get the `caption` part. How to do correctly? Thanks.

foreach ($data->results as $result) { 
echo '<p>'.htmlspecialchars($result->title).'</p><br />';
  echo '<p>'.htmlspecialchars($result->multimedia->caption).'</p><br />';

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By the look of your JSON code, multimedia is an array of objects. You could therefore try:

echo $result->multimedia[0]->caption;

Or failing that, use var_dump to view the variable type of multimedia:



Thanks, robothy, this can work.

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