Ive been working a site for my church and it looks fine on my screen but when i use my other laptop which has a bigger screen i find that i have white space on the right edge and on the bottom. My background picture was done in photoshop and the rest of my site is using ap div tags. The site is at www.stjohns-fremont.org, if anyone can help i'd sure appreciate it. Oh ya im also using dreamweaver cs5.

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Your background image is set to no-repeat, thus the remaining window area will be the default background colour - white.

Ya but if i put it on repeat then my image will repeat. Is there a way for the content to center when a page opens. Thanks for all the help.

Cool i got my background to center now my spry menu bar and my flash is all out of whack i tried centering them again but they stay in the same position. My flash i got to move into the position i need but when i tested it on a bigger screen it was off line.

thanks for all your help

Well done, friend! I think you can set the words in center, and the background color is a little deep! Come on!

Calm down I haven't uploaded it yet I'm trying to fix it first

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