Hello. I wanna integrate a site similar to http://www.superknowa.com. In this site when you got Services menu, there they have different menu in the left side. Again when u goto Products menu they have a different menu in the left. In the other pages no menu will be shown. How can I do this in joomla. In joomla it displays the same menu in all the pages. I've created the top menu and linked them to the articles. But I want to create the left-side menu for the Services and Products page. The one that I've created is http://testmysite.isgreat.org..... Kindly help me pls. I'm in urgent

Hi there,

Go to "Extensions" -> "Module Manager" and then select the module that u are using for that menu and open it. In there you will see a section at the lefthand bottem side that says "Menu Assignment". Select the Radio button that says "Select Menu Item(s) from the List " and then select the menu items where u whant the menu to display.

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