Hi fellas,
i'm a newbie in php and i have the following scenario:
-One html pages that gathers all necessary information then on submit it passes info to
-A PHP script (lets call it "A") that does some calculation, sends an email using all data submitted and echoes data onto itself back to the user
-A PHP script (call it "B") that needs to send an email with partial data from the submitted form to a different email recipient

The problem is the following:
I know you cant do multiple ACTIONs for a single form. i've tried using a function that executes the scripts on both "onclick" and "onsubmission" with no luck. This is driving me completely crazy now!!

I'd appreciate your tip/assistance with this.


Unless there is some specific (good) reason for segmenting it this way, the action could be a single module or a very simple module that does an Include for A and B. If that isn't a good solution for some reason, then you could daisy-chain them by doing a header command in A to re-direct to B once A has done what it needs to do.