I want to develop a website for a bus online booking system using dream weaver.pls help me guys

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If you don't know any programming languages your either going to have to look for possibly an already made script which maybe hard to find or pay; as it would be a complex system and certainly going to take many hours of hard work to acheive something like this. I doubt you will find anyone willing to help you create such a system for free. Companies would probably pay hundreds or thousands of pounds for such a system.

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Good idea but you'll have to learn some programming stuff.
also there will have to be some payment processing.
you also need to avoid doublebookings etc.


You can find some specs for reservations systems if you do a search (one example here).

There are open-source booking systems, mostly for hotel reservations. It probably wouldn't be that difficult to modify such a system to handle buses instead.

You can also buy a system. Here is one example.

The biggest questions are:
1. The purpose of doing this.

2. Your skills and experience.

If this is a school project, that is far different from building a system that will be used for real buses and real people. If they wanted someone to manage the bus company, they'd be looking for someone with experience as an executive preferably with knowledge of the bus business. If they wanted someone to paint a mural in the main bus station, they'd want someone with a a track record of painting murals. If they need someone to build a reservation system... (you can fill in the rest).


there are some basic skills we need to website development.First of all you going to make best knowledge on technical skills..More over you can adhere to the latest web development standards and techniques. and effectively grade and execute personal and web development team related tasks.


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