Ok, I'm new to asp, but not to visual studio(mainly c#).

I have a webform that I want to put buttons, labels, etc on. What is the normal procedure for the layout?

Do I create a bunch of divs on the form and use them?

Also, when I have a div and I add stuff to it, it changes all the positions of the stuff I already have in there. How do I stop that or am I doing something wrong?

I know these are some beginner questions. Just looking on how to create the layout/placement/etc of my form. Any answers, links, tutorials, would be helpful.


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>What is the normal procedure for the layout?

Start through table (html) tag.

The table tag is an easy route, but not the only route, nor the standards compliant route. Tables are supposed to be used for tabular data, not for page layout.

Your best bet would be to group your controls together in the order you need them in using div tags, then give each div an ID property or a CSSClass and use CSS for the rest. When placing the control on the page into the dive tags, just put them in the order you want them, and disregaurd their position on screen until you add the CSS for each one.
has a good tutorial for the CSS part of this.

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