These last few days I was feeling like remodding my PHPBB completely, and when I scanned through the files, I came acrossed the TPL files. I wondered, TPL? and thus opened one of the files with my editor. I seen the lines coded, "{FORUM_NAME}," or something similar and wandered again what it was. I did some research on TPL files and using them with PHP, but nothing seemed to give me the appropriate answer.
If anyone can and will help me, I would appreciate so. Again, I would like to know how I can use TPL files with my PHP website. Any explantion that shows the usage will help, and thank you. Also, the example(s) do not have to relate to a forum of any kind. Just a simple example showing how TPLs may be used.

I have never used TPL, but somewhere (on another forum I think) I read:

TPL files are text files filled with blocks of html that are included in their respective spots.

I found one tutorial that may be kind of close to what you are looking for.

It certainly was difficult to find much information about TPL (NOT 'Terminal' or 'Table producing' language). Hopefully someone else will be able to shed a little more light on the subject.